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The Moveable Type Project

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catvalente @ 03:06 pm: Hello In TV Land
All right, I've been getting some requests to join this project so I feel I should revive the community.

Are you all still interested or no? I've only received one contract so far--if you are still interested and want to get this off the ground sometime before the next century, please sign and scan me either the contract I mailed you, or print out the following and do the same.

I, the undersigned, agree to have a short story of no more (unless authorized) than fifty (50) words authored by Catherynne M. Valente tattooed on my body within 4 months of receipt of said work. I authorize Ms. Valente to publish photos, taken by me, of my tattoo online and in print form. Ms. Valente is not responsible for any injury incurred during the tattoo process nor for the cost of the tattoo in question.


I'm still rather excited about this project, as I get new people asking about it every few days. Let's get this back on track!
(I should add that if you want to translate the story into another language, or have it translated by someone else, you are free to do so.)


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